Refurbishment Services

Quality is the primary focus with our product refurbishment services. Let us provide your company with a cost-effective alternative to refurbishment methods.

* All returns are refurbished to manufacturer specifications
* Only authorized components are used in the refurbishment process.
* Rapid turnaround time

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Let us apply our knowledge of cost reduction and labor-saving methods to put your product into production.

* Cost-effective Handling
* Direct Distribution
* Turn-Key Manufacturing

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We have always had a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and steering waste and hazardous materials away from local landfills.

* Harvesting parts from consumer returns for use in like-new refurbished products saves on landfill space.
* All waste, including packaging, metals, plastic, and hazardous materials, is recycled in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
* All consumer returns and/or parts no longer fit for use or resale receive a certificate of destruction from a certified recycling center.

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