State of the Art Clean Room and LCD Panel Repair Lab

Ozark Electronics Repair, Inc. has built a state of the art facility designed for the repair and remanufacturing of LCD panels. All repairs are carried out in a class 100 (ISO5) clean room. The 1,400+ sq ft. clean room is equipped with the latest custom filtration system, which is ideal for LCD polarizer replacement. Ozark has the capabilities to repair screen sizes from 1" to 65". With the Clarion CD-65D Laminate removal system we can remove the scratched or damaged polarizer film. Once the glass is thoroughly cleaned the Polarizer film is then replaced with the Clarion CD-65L Lamination System.

We also have specialized equipment to do TCP/TAB recovery and replacement. Our equipment is able to execute tight process control over heat and pressure profiles, precision positioning and alignment because of our advanced computerized control heat sealed equipment. Other repairs also include CCFL (Backlight) replacement.

With our new facility Ozark has become your one stop shop for repair and remanufactured LCD panels and other display products.